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Mike He i Yukan Club


“Mike He, who is busy shooting Sanli TV Station’s drama <Bull Fighting>, is temporarily confirmed to be flying to Japan in mid-November to take up a role in the new j-drama <Yukan Club>, which stars Kat-Tun’s Akanishi Jin. This is the first time another Taiwanese idol acts in a j-drama after Wilson Chen and Peter Ho.Actually, Mike is taking up this role with a low pay of 30 over thousand Ringgits. In this show, he acts as a rich Arabian petroleum prince who has more than 10 fiances. Mike and one of the lead actresses, Suzuki Emi, has many scenes together. Thus he is currently busy brushing up his Japanese in order to let the filming go on more smoothly.But because of this role, Mike is forced to be absent for the promotional activities of <Bull Fighting> which is airing soon, therefore creating headaches for the people at SanLi TV Station.”


It feels really strange that my most recent love Mike is going to appear in Yukan club.. for mostly two resons.

First, he is from Taiwan! It’s strange that he is going to be in a Japanese drama..

Second, it was just recently that I found him again! I haven’t been watching Taiwanese dramas for so long and the I suddenly got a thing for it and went crazy over him and before that I have really not heard a thing about him.. now suddenly he just pops up from nowhere right before my eyes.. XDDD it’s really strange…

One bad thing.. I don’t really like Yukan club..but I guess I have to watch it now XD