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Box in the ship (2.30 Pre)

It really became a slow start for me here again. But I have been busy with work and I have a new computer that been messing with me the entire week. But I will try to work hard to update this blog!

Now to the important stuff!

Credit to: tvxq009
 I love this song! It really make me think of “Under the sea” from The little mermaid, at first but when the chorus comes it’s just love. I really have huge respect for Jaejoongs voice lately, he really is the one that blend make them all come togther, at least in their japanese music. Maybe it’s a shame for the other boys but you can’t the deny that Jae sounds great in the japanse singles.

I love this single! Both the song are among my favorites of all their songs. If they don’t get another charttopper with this one, I’m chocked! Can’t wait until I have my hands on this one! But I wonder if we will ever see a musicvideo with the boys! This drives me nuts! XD


Last Angel – NHK Music Japan 071109


I think this is one of the best perfomances of this song.. I say that as TVXQ fan though.. ^^ Becuase this performance dosen’t show so much focus on just Koda but also on the boys.

I love Changmin’s arms!! I can drool over  them for weeks XDDD


Hidden videos in AADBSK 2


SM has been very sneaky with there latest AADBSK. In every DVD they hid a message from one of the members to Cassiopeia. They can not be shown in a usual DVD but if you watch it on your computer with VLC for example you shoul be able to see it.. I haven’t checked it out yet on my own though. (They are without sub)

They are all really sweet but Jaejoong’s is really pure love!!

You can find the rest at the link.


THSK to Music Station


Decided to post a new post about this.. the one erlier is way to messy right now..^^

Well… yes they are coming to Music Staion and Utaban!!!^.^ It has been updated on their offical website.

But well, it’s a big thing but but still isn’t becuase they are just there with Koda but well atleast they get to go on the shows..^.^


Anyband (Anycall) CM! (Full)

(credits to:

 The full Anyband CM is finally here and it’s amasing!! I find it really touching for some reason.. maybe I’m a little to emotional but I think the story is really beautiful. Anyway, I can’t belive this is a CM, for cellphones haha, but it sure works, becuase I really want to buy a new phone right now LOL

The CM is featuring Xiah Junsu, Tablo from Epik High, BoA and Jin Bora. They all look really gorgeous, speacially Junsu and BoA. I really like this concept!

The Anyband song are  really love too!! Junsu’s and BoA’s voices really flow fabolus together and Tablos rap is as usual great (I love that guy!!!) And Jin Bora’s pianoplaying..<3!

 Heard something about Junsu being the Leader of Anyband… I don’t really have all the information on how this came to happen so I won’t say anyting more about it^^  

 A few pics.. mainly Junsu.. well I’m a TVXQ fan^^



These are from the showcase that… Oh I’m sorry.. I forgot if it was yesterday or today.. Have to much in my head lately ^^


This entry really messed me.. it looks like crap but well if it dosen’t want to cooperate then ther’s nothing to do… 


Oricon chart!


The boys came in third place!

It really isn’t bad, and I already knew that NEWS would be first since it’s been such a long time for them to realese something and their musicvideo and song is very catchy  but it bugs me that an artist I don’t know, don’t have a clue about came before my boys…

well well, now we just have to hope that the sales goes up up up! *^^*


Want some eyecontact with Yoochun??


Just had to post this, a fancam from TVXQ’s encore concert 10/27. With Yoochun while they sing Hiyaya  and it seriously just kills me watching this!  That lucky girl that hold this camera… OMG I envy her to the max! Yoochun is just beautiful here!^^