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Super Junior on 071109 ParkKyungLim’s Colourful Outing – Dance Show Cut


This is really funny^^ and really sweet! Just becuase my love Yesung gets to show some skill! XD  

He really is quite good! I was suprised.. you never get to see him exepts his funny dance that he of course showed here too LOL. He is also very cute becuase you can see how he kind of tries to hid so that he dosen’t get chosen to dance!! AWW I JUST LOVE THAT BOY!!!

Kangin and Eeteuk is hilarious as well. They are really going to be kids forever^^ Donghae shows of his great skills as well^^

really check it out! 


Super Junior Mnet M!Countdown- Marry U

hmm.. why do I keep getting behind in my entries.. and why do I get so of track in my entries.. they really get very messy… must work on that! 


 Ok, this is from two days ago. It’s a great performance, they sang live and they sang quite good too! And they look fabolus in those white suits! And Sungmin’s hair is love with the new haircut I must say. Eeteuk too^^ they look like sweet princes all together! ❤

I am really looking forward to see this MV ^^  

Siwon, Hankyung is in China so they were not there. Kyuhyn were not there either.. don’t know why. I think yesung sang most of their parts^^


Heechul and Hankyung – YSMM subbed

                                      hhhh ysmm                   hhhh ysmmhhhh ysmm

I waited to see this until it came out subbed and it was really funny… well everything Heechul is on is funny, it would be strange otherwise XD

I must say I lovved the begining when every guest was singing a little part of their song and Heechul looked so streesed haha, he really is freaking hilarious.. and hard to win over as you could see at the end of the show… poor Kang Ho Dong haha

But I feel sorry for HanKyung.. he had a little trouble with the language but he was really really funny as well.. you can se that the both boys are really good freinds^^ 

Heechul looked really great on this too. I like his short black hair.. makes him look a little bit manly instead of his usual “I’m pretty” XD Can’t help it if like my men to look like men, XXD 

Part 1

For the rest visit the lovely She is fabolus!! Always subbs the best videos!