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Box in the ship (2.30 Pre)

It really became a slow start for me here again. But I have been busy with work and I have a new computer that been messing with me the entire week. But I will try to work hard to update this blog!

Now to the important stuff!

Credit to: tvxq009
 I love this song! It really make me think of “Under the sea” from The little mermaid, at first but when the chorus comes it’s just love. I really have huge respect for Jaejoongs voice lately, he really is the one that blend make them all come togther, at least in their japanese music. Maybe it’s a shame for the other boys but you can’t the deny that Jae sounds great in the japanse singles.

I love this single! Both the song are among my favorites of all their songs. If they don’t get another charttopper with this one, I’m chocked! Can’t wait until I have my hands on this one! But I wonder if we will ever see a musicvideo with the boys! This drives me nuts! XD