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Anyband (Anycall) CM! (Full)

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 The full Anyband CM is finally here and it’s amasing!! I find it really touching for some reason.. maybe I’m a little to emotional but I think the story is really beautiful. Anyway, I can’t belive this is a CM, for cellphones haha, but it sure works, becuase I really want to buy a new phone right now LOL

The CM is featuring Xiah Junsu, Tablo from Epik High, BoA and Jin Bora. They all look really gorgeous, speacially Junsu and BoA. I really like this concept!

The Anyband song are  really love too!! Junsu’s and BoA’s voices really flow fabolus together and Tablos rap is as usual great (I love that guy!!!) And Jin Bora’s pianoplaying..<3!

 Heard something about Junsu being the Leader of Anyband… I don’t really have all the information on how this came to happen so I won’t say anyting more about it^^  

 A few pics.. mainly Junsu.. well I’m a TVXQ fan^^



These are from the showcase that… Oh I’m sorry.. I forgot if it was yesterday or today.. Have to much in my head lately ^^


This entry really messed me.. it looks like crap but well if it dosen’t want to cooperate then ther’s nothing to do… 


Eru snorts XD

LOL this is really funny, a couple of months old but hey who cares^^ 

He’s really adorable in this video and makes me really love him.. and makes it hard to resist buying his latest CD.. but I can’t!! I must save for all TVXQ things that come like every month… it’s really hard to be a fan…

Anyway.. watch the whole clip!

 (credit to eruworld@youtube)


Hello world!

Hello hello. Welcome to Hwaiting! What is this?? You don’t know?? A blog. ^^ Just kidding. Well here I will talk a lot about my favorite (and I hope yours too) korean boys. Maybe some japanese too.^^ The korean music market is drowning with amzing and good-looking talents and idols and I have a soft spot for specially TVXQ and Super Junior but there are so many other that also makes my heart melt. I will try to write about them all, but be gentle with me. I’m only one person.. and a student but I will do my best to keep on date^^