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Heechul and Hankyung – YSMM subbed

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I waited to see this until it came out subbed and it was really funny… well everything Heechul is on is funny, it would be strange otherwise XD

I must say I lovved the begining when every guest was singing a little part of their song and Heechul looked so streesed haha, he really is freaking hilarious.. and hard to win over as you could see at the end of the show… poor Kang Ho Dong haha

But I feel sorry for HanKyung.. he had a little trouble with the language but he was really really funny as well.. you can se that the both boys are really good freinds^^ 

Heechul looked really great on this too. I like his short black hair.. makes him look a little bit manly instead of his usual “I’m pretty” XD Can’t help it if like my men to look like men, XXD 

Part 1

For the rest visit the lovely She is fabolus!! Always subbs the best videos! 




Recently I heard news that when this boy (name: Yesung) from Super Junior was on MC Mong’s radio show he apperently shared how he rarely gets close-ups during performances or gets asked for his signature. Instead, he spends most of his time at home alone while the other members are busy doing various things, variety shows, drama’s, CF’s and so on and onyesungie4yesungie4. Horrible part is that it’s true. Right from the start when Super Junior debuted with it’s 12 members he instantly got pushed in to the shadows. He himself has said it took three weeks after their debut before he got a close-up shot on TV. His mother called him up and said” Now I can finally say my son is in Super Junior”

Maybe it’s not so hard to understand in a group of 12 (now 13 and maybe soon to be 14), a lot of members, hard to get them all on screen, but the sad part is that Yesung is clearly one of the top three singers in the group. If not the best.  Specially when they first debuted and Kyuhyun was not in the group yet. It makes me quite mad to see this happen. Specially since he has it all going for him. Good looks, great voice and a kind and funny personality. He is the one that builds almost all of their song’s up. I don’t know what their songs would be without him.. kyuhyun is an extreamly amzing singer, yes, but I don’t think he could handle Yesung’s parts.

Their is absolutely no reson at all why this should happen. It really makes me mad!! At least now they take it up and hopefully this will change! sorry for my rambling but this really makes me mad..

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