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Oricon chart!


The boys came in third place!

It really isn’t bad, and I already knew that NEWS would be first since it’s been such a long time for them to realese something and their musicvideo and song is very catchy  but it bugs me that an artist I don’t know, don’t have a clue about came before my boys…

well well, now we just have to hope that the sales goes up up up! *^^*


TVXQ on Music Staion???


(credits: soompi) 

Edit: Now I hear that it’s offical with Music Station. Well I hope it is but I’m still not sure. Well, I’ll just have to hope for the best! ^^ 

Can this be true?? If it is it’s one huge step for TVXQ!! Music Station is one of the biggest music programs in Japan, if not the biggest, and if they are on the show it really gives them some evidence that they are popular in Japan. Ok they are there to sing with Koda but it’s still a big thing. Thing is now, the picture says that TVXQ will come along with Koda but the offical site dosen’t. But someone said that BoA once came with someone even though she was not written down on the site. But then someone said you can’t be sure with Music Station because they deside in the last second about the guests. This makes my head spin haha. But I really hope they come..


Some rumors says that they will be They will be on the show Utaban too with Koda. It has been updated on their offical website. I wonder if they will just perform or they will have a chans to talk to. Anyway, that’s quite a big deal too becuase one of the hosts are from Johnny’s entertainment, SMAP. And from what I see Johnnys and TVXQ are big rivals. Rumors says that ever since “Lovin you” Johnny have been keeping an eye on TVXQ and he is the reason that they have not been on Music Staion earlier.. Well well. God, I hope they well be on both shows!!


There have been alot of talk about TVXQ lately, all around the world! Ok, maybe that was a little much. But they have been on the news in several countries since the news service Reuters did a report on them. Reuters provides wuith news from all over the world to all over the world so thereby the could be seen in, for example, Italy, France, Spain, Peru and so on and on. I have read the article and I have seen the news but I can’t really understand what it was about haha. I don’t understand why they did the report but I guess it dosen’t matter, they were seen on TV in other countries than asia, and that’s a great thing, even though it wasn’t 100% correct with the information^^!

I like that they said that after asia they are planning to come to Europe, yes! That made my day^^

One thing I’m worried about is the fact that the boys are so overworked!! I’m really scared for thier health! 

PS. The picture is from the Music Station that was yesterday and News were there. And they are another group of boys I’m worried about lately. Specially Tegoshi and Yamapi. They are both losing alot of weight and Yamapi had huge bags under his eyes as you almost can see in the picture! ´When will all my boys get to rest.. 


NEWS – Picific CM

NEWS is finally releasing a new album! Well old news^^ But it’ really great I already love half of the song so I can hardly wait for my CD to come.

Anyway, this is the CM for the album and if I hadn’t already preordered a copy this really makes you want to buy one! After TVXQ these boys makes my heart melt! Yampi! He is so sweet I just want to eat him!! LOL ” Pi dayo” love love love love! 

Well I recomend you to buy this Album! Release 7 November!


NEWS – Weeek PV

(credit: KanaTan @Youtube)

I wonder how long this video will work.. The videos is being removed one after another!! 

The concept is great!! The boys in suits and then with cartoon background I love it becuase it adorkable to the max!!

Anyway, this PV is love! Ryo is extreamly adorkable all the way!! The Kanjani boys is really teaching Ryo-chan how to loosen up LOL

Tegoshi!! He looks so cute!! I can’t stop looking at him! I love his little solo part! He has such a nice voice.

Kei-chan, oone of my favorite boys ^^ His solo part in the begining, when he sings “bokutachi wa” and fixing his tie… I just love it! And Tegoshi is behind him and is just adorkable.

Yamapi. He could never be anything but perfect haha. But really, I love his hair and he looks great in a suit and is just like himself in the video and that just like it should be. *^^*

Massu looks so happy here. His smile is really one of the best!! Makes you smile along with him =D

Shige, I don’t know what to say about him. Haha I have been so optimistic to the other members but I hardly noticed shige in the video so I can’t say much… sorry

This single is released at the same time as Koda Kumi with Last Angel, I guess I can forget my boys being at the top.