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Battle 3rd Single – Step By Step



Anyway!  I’m crazy over this song!! I’m also crazy over the other two songs on the single! They have really been away for too long! They kind of disappeared when I just started to really notice them so that didn’t really make me happy… And now they come back without a member, Kihyun! Ireally feel sorry for the fans that have loved them since the beginning. What a chock it must have been! But he still in the showbiz at least! Maybe soon we will see him in a drama! ^^

Well at least I’m happy that Hwichan still there, (can he be any cuter!) and I have started to develop some strange feelings for Ryu!! I’m really surprised over it actually! Because he was the member i thought about the least with the last single.. Maybe because I love his style in Step By Step, he looks GREAT! He is tall, has a fit body and love the hair (I wasn’t to found of the blond hair he had with Crash.) LOL He makes me drool and I want to eat him up!! XD

Anyway, with the song, I love Chris parts the most. His voice really stands out.. its so smoth. It was beacuase of him that I fell in love with this song! Really, check it out!!