TVXQ Encore concert 26-28 October


TVXQ had their Encore concert this weekend and despite the fact that poor Yunho hurt his back right before the concert during practise´and wasn’t able to dance, it was a sucsess. But I really feel sorry for Yunho. Several times he tried to dance, for example, he tried to dance during “Hug” but was stopped by Junsu. Thank god! In several fancams you can clearly see that he is in pain and I can’t understand why he pushes himself so hard! His back is supposed to heal in two to three weeks but with his jumping around I don’t know about that.

During the dancesongs like, “Rising sun”, “O – jung ban hap” , “Phantom” and “The way u are” there were always a hole in the formation and you could see Yunho standing in the back, kind of locking bored and I feel really sorry for him.

Apperently it took 4 hours for the 33000 tickets to be sold out. That’s really great! 

I don’t know where all my pics have dissapered to! Of course I have most of Changmin, he’s my love XDD but how can I only have one of Junsu? I don’t know! But it’s a great pic! Some nice skin XD


Changmin: I am crazy in love with his hair right now!!! He his so freaking handsome I don’t know where to go!! bnkjsdhfyfsdf HANDSOME!!! Haha I’m freaking me out! But really, I love his hair. This is the way it is supposed to be! No one can beat him right now!


Jaejoongie: I’m suprised I don’t have more pics! I don’t know whats with me anymore haha. Jae looks great! As always! This boy.. does he ever have a bad hairday or anything like it?? A pimple? Anything?! LOL he is to perfect! *^^*


Yunnie: Even though he was hurt he looked fab XD Geez that boy is handsome!


Yoochunnie: I don’t know what he was wearing but that stringy thing showed more than it cover lol. Well I don’t complain XDD


Junsu: One pic….? Really…. Sorry!


1 Response to “TVXQ Encore concert 26-28 October”

  1. 1 lovetvxq
    November 4, 2007 at 1:28 am

    i’am fanthai my name is fon or rain
    l love tvxq
    l like photo tvxq

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