NEWS – Weeek PV

(credit: KanaTan @Youtube)

I wonder how long this video will work.. The videos is being removed one after another!! 

The concept is great!! The boys in suits and then with cartoon background I love it becuase it adorkable to the max!!

Anyway, this PV is love! Ryo is extreamly adorkable all the way!! The Kanjani boys is really teaching Ryo-chan how to loosen up LOL

Tegoshi!! He looks so cute!! I can’t stop looking at him! I love his little solo part! He has such a nice voice.

Kei-chan, oone of my favorite boys ^^ His solo part in the begining, when he sings “bokutachi wa” and fixing his tie… I just love it! And Tegoshi is behind him and is just adorkable.

Yamapi. He could never be anything but perfect haha. But really, I love his hair and he looks great in a suit and is just like himself in the video and that just like it should be. *^^*

Massu looks so happy here. His smile is really one of the best!! Makes you smile along with him =D

Shige, I don’t know what to say about him. Haha I have been so optimistic to the other members but I hardly noticed shige in the video so I can’t say much… sorry

This single is released at the same time as Koda Kumi with Last Angel, I guess I can forget my boys being at the top.  


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