Last Angel PV


Edit: I had some pics afterall… well three and a gif^^ 

OK, OK I know it was like a million days since it came ot but I still want to talk about. I really need to update sooner XD 

 The really bad thing right now is that Axex has removed all the music videos from youtube so there you go.. Is the sudden need from Avex to do that a sign that they are getting more popular?? I don’t know but annoying is it anyway.

Well I can still talk about it I guess..

I love the song and I love the PV. Koda Kumi looks really tiny between the boys when they are dancing^^ kind of funny^^ I really like that Koda Kumi is one of us, a fan of TVXQ. She has said so several times and I can’t understand why some people dislike this collabiration. It’s clearly a great thing for TVXQ’s future^^

The boys look great by the way in the PV. Changmin gets a lot of cameratime and that makes me happy happy *^^* It really is great that Koda is Lettting the boys be shown so much. You almost forget that it is her song.

Sorry about the lack of pics but you should really try to check the PV out. I know you can find it on www.Veoh.com  


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