Jaejoongs fall during Encore con

Forgot to talk about Jaejoongs accident during the encore concert! During the last concert and I’m not sure if it was the last song but it was during the encore, but he was jumping around and playing with the fans and throwing water at them when he fell down through the hole in the scene where they came up from (wow that sentence sounded strange).

 Anyway it looked really painful and he was gone for quite a while until he came back by the main scene. The other boys looked really worried about him when they couldn’t find him, they hadn’t noticed that he was gone until they was supposed to bow. But I think Changmin noticed a bit earlier I think It looks like he looking around a bit! Makes me happy that he takes care of his mommy *^^*

When he came back you can clearly see he’s in pain! He hit his chest and you can see he is hurting in that area. My darling boys don’t have any luck att all these days!  


This is the link to it and you can see all what I’m talking about! Really, my poor baby!


1 Response to “Jaejoongs fall during Encore con”

  1. 1 Miko Jae Joong
    November 2, 2007 at 2:11 pm

    itai yo!!!
    it mst be soooo hurt!!!!
    my poor Jae Joong!!!!


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