TVXQ – Global Mind, Global Reach (18/10)


Wow, these boys really are everywhere. Today they were back in Korea at an event at Changmin’s and Yoochun’s (I think) university, the Kyunghee University. The event was called Global mind, Global Reach. That’s all I know.

The boys looked great as always. Specially Junsu I must say and Changmin of course, haha  

Junsu really likes his vests!! He has been wearing one in every single event lately^^ Well I can’t complain about it, he looks great so^^ Haha love the red undies.

Changmin.. he never fails!! Ok, he can sometimes have some funny exprecions but he still is handsome! Ha has matured so much lately!

I don’t understand how Yoochuns sweater is working^^ I’m intrigued.

 Yunho really looks casual, but in a good way… he looks really relaxed. Does the boy ever sweat!

Jaejoong, my love. I think this boy never ever have looked bad in his life. Even with his triangle hair he looked good. How is that really possible I wonder. I really wish I had his genes lol 

I like the casual style they have here. Probably because it’s their school, would be weird if they were to dressed up^^ 

min4jae4chun2 Yoochun does a Jaejoong lol


(credit: soompi.com among others)


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