TVXQ in Malaysia (17/10)


Congrats to me! I’m now on track! ^^ 

Really these boys are freaking everywhere!!! Thet must be so tired!!! I feel so sorry for them but I’m glad for all my fellow fans who are able to see them… I’m so jealous!!!!

They were in Malaysia to promote their Asia tour but I hvae actually no idea when the concert is taking place in Malaysia.. sorry..

I’m happy to say that the boys survived the airport this time, really happy! It’s funny that by the time I’m writing this they are probably alredy in Japan again.. if that’s were they are going.. seriously insane..

As always the boys looked fab! Specially Changmin and Yunho I must say XD

Yunho, his hair, love! Whenever one of the boys have that haircut I love it, they all look fabolus in it, Yoochun did, Changmin did and so does Yunho. But I don’t want to see Jaejoong in it though…^^ Yunho looks really good in that suit too^^ Love the boys clothes these days ❤

Junsu has a thing going for west’s lateyly I have noticed.. Fine by me! It really bring out his thin body.. It’s amzing how a guy with such a small body can have such a powerful voice!^^

I always have problem comenting Yoochun.. I wonder why.. he is one of my favorites.. but there is not much to say haha he looks kind of plain here.. Sorry! But he still looks great! ^^

Jaejoong looks so tired!! Really all that flying is probably getting to them.

Changmin… can you notice that he is my favorite?? XD But just look at him!! He looks great haha, love the clothes, love the hair..What is there not to love?? haha, No but for real now, I think he right now looks so matured. It feels like ha have always looked either like the baby or like the oldest one XD, but right now it feels like he fits right in. And that makes me happy!! I’m such a happy person right now! haha

Can’t find any single shots right now but I will edit as soon as I find some..^^


1 Response to “TVXQ in Malaysia (17/10)”

  1. November 17, 2007 at 2:59 am

    I know this is pretty late but Yunho actually said that Malaysian girls are pretty. Compared to Korean girls, I think they are prettier (probably because many of them did plastic surgery at very young age). In my opinion, maybe he prefers natural beauty and Malaysian girls are naturally beautiful, especially the ones from mixed parentage.

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