Taiwanese fans..

Wow, I’m so behind in updates but it’s not my fault! They took the computer from me!! Anyway.. I really want to talk about some things so I will do that even it may be a bit old ^^

A few days they posted on soompi a translations of journal of a fan who were in Taiwan and in the airprt when the boys was going home, and it was really hard reading. It has been a lot of talk about when they came and poor Jaejoong was having a hard time going trough becuase the fans keeped on pushing. When tehy went home it was even worse. Apperently it even made him feel hand got a litte hurt.  I was so amazed how some fans apperently didin’t care about Jaejoong geeting hurt and just kept on shoting how they hade touched him and that they had touched Yunho’s chest. People like that gives fans bad reputation. I’m both really mad but at the same time I just have to accept that some “fans” are like that even though it makes me mad. I feel that a true fan should first of all think about the artists safety.

It has been clear now that the boys really dislikes airports… I just read that today when they went trough the malaysian airport that they looked quite uncomfortable.. gees, I wonder why!  But what makes me more angry is the lack of security!! When NewS left Taiwan after their concert there it was such a difference!! While TVXQ’seemed to have nothing but a few guards to keept the fans away, NewS had both alot of more guards but also  a “rope” or what you call it to keep them away… SM really should think about that these boys really are huge stars in asia. I can’t belive that they are not considering the fact that there could be anti-fans among them…. It really makes me scared thinking about it! 

Ok.. maybe I have been a little hard with wrting this.. I guess the fans at the airport loves them too but please, do consider that your action on the long term coudl really hurt the boys!! And we do want them to be with us for a long time right?!

I think there are a lot of fancams from both the coming and going but I couldn’t bare to see them.. Though it was hard enough to read about it.. but if you want to see, just go to youtube.


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