THSK singles

Wow here it goes^^ My first real entry, lol.  I’m scared^^

Anyway..as I said beforKoda kumi feat thskKoda kumi feat thskKoda kumi feat thskKoda kumi feat thskKoda kumi feat thske I hvae a soft spot for TVXQ and as I guess most of you know they are going to relese tre singles in the next two months^^ Happy!!

Last Angel: First one is a collabiration with the Japanese singer Koda Kumi and I totaly love the song! It’s exactly my style!! And I’m both suprised and happy to hear how good her voice matches my boys^^ It’s an uptempo song with a really nice party sound, in my opinon. I hope it goes to the top on Oricon but with NEWS releasing a song on the same day, I doubt it I’m afraid…It’s going to be released on November 6th.

Koda kumi feat thsk

 Forever love: Second song.. I haven’t really been able to get a feel of the song.. a lot of people say it sound’s like their korean ballads but I don’t really get that feel. It’s a good song, of course, all their song’s are good haha but I’m not sure if it is one of their best.. I can’t see how they can top a new debuting Johnny’s group on the oricon with this but well I sure hope they do. It’s going to be released on novmber 13, the same day as the new JE group Hey! say! jump!. Man my boys have it tough with their release days…

And finally Together. Pure love. This song is also a theme song for a sanrio movie and it’s so sweet!! Like sugar!! It’s so happy! Well maybe a little to happy but who cares lol. Realese on dec 18.

Well what I wante to say with this was.. check these songs out, if you haven’t yet.. fall in love with the songs and the buy the singles^^ not to hard right, haha ^^ 



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