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Jaejoongs fall during Encore con

Forgot to talk about Jaejoongs accident during the encore concert! During the last concert and I’m not sure if it was the last song but it was during the encore, but he was jumping around and playing with the fans and throwing water at them when he fell down through the hole in the scene where they came up from (wow that sentence sounded strange).

 Anyway it looked really painful and he was gone for quite a while until he came back by the main scene. The other boys looked really worried about him when they couldn’t find him, they hadn’t noticed that he was gone until they was supposed to bow. But I think Changmin noticed a bit earlier I think It looks like he looking around a bit! Makes me happy that he takes care of his mommy *^^*

When he came back you can clearly see he’s in pain! He hit his chest and you can see he is hurting in that area. My darling boys don’t have any luck att all these days!

This is the link to it and you can see all what I’m talking about! Really, my poor baby!


NEWS – Picific CM

NEWS is finally releasing a new album! Well old news^^ But it’ really great I already love half of the song so I can hardly wait for my CD to come.

Anyway, this is the CM for the album and if I hadn’t already preordered a copy this really makes you want to buy one! After TVXQ these boys makes my heart melt! Yampi! He is so sweet I just want to eat him!! LOL ” Pi dayo” love love love love! 

Well I recomend you to buy this Album! Release 7 November!


TVXQ Encore concert 26-28 October


TVXQ had their Encore concert this weekend and despite the fact that poor Yunho hurt his back right before the concert during practise´and wasn’t able to dance, it was a sucsess. But I really feel sorry for Yunho. Several times he tried to dance, for example, he tried to dance during “Hug” but was stopped by Junsu. Thank god! In several fancams you can clearly see that he is in pain and I can’t understand why he pushes himself so hard! His back is supposed to heal in two to three weeks but with his jumping around I don’t know about that.

During the dancesongs like, “Rising sun”, “O – jung ban hap” , “Phantom” and “The way u are” there were always a hole in the formation and you could see Yunho standing in the back, kind of locking bored and I feel really sorry for him.

Apperently it took 4 hours for the 33000 tickets to be sold out. That’s really great! 

I don’t know where all my pics have dissapered to! Of course I have most of Changmin, he’s my love XDD but how can I only have one of Junsu? I don’t know! But it’s a great pic! Some nice skin XD


Changmin: I am crazy in love with his hair right now!!! He his so freaking handsome I don’t know where to go!! bnkjsdhfyfsdf HANDSOME!!! Haha I’m freaking me out! But really, I love his hair. This is the way it is supposed to be! No one can beat him right now!


Jaejoongie: I’m suprised I don’t have more pics! I don’t know whats with me anymore haha. Jae looks great! As always! This boy.. does he ever have a bad hairday or anything like it?? A pimple? Anything?! LOL he is to perfect! *^^*


Yunnie: Even though he was hurt he looked fab XD Geez that boy is handsome!


Yoochunnie: I don’t know what he was wearing but that stringy thing showed more than it cover lol. Well I don’t complain XDD


Junsu: One pic….? Really…. Sorry!


NEWS – Weeek PV

(credit: KanaTan @Youtube)

I wonder how long this video will work.. The videos is being removed one after another!! 

The concept is great!! The boys in suits and then with cartoon background I love it becuase it adorkable to the max!!

Anyway, this PV is love! Ryo is extreamly adorkable all the way!! The Kanjani boys is really teaching Ryo-chan how to loosen up LOL

Tegoshi!! He looks so cute!! I can’t stop looking at him! I love his little solo part! He has such a nice voice.

Kei-chan, oone of my favorite boys ^^ His solo part in the begining, when he sings “bokutachi wa” and fixing his tie… I just love it! And Tegoshi is behind him and is just adorkable.

Yamapi. He could never be anything but perfect haha. But really, I love his hair and he looks great in a suit and is just like himself in the video and that just like it should be. *^^*

Massu looks so happy here. His smile is really one of the best!! Makes you smile along with him =D

Shige, I don’t know what to say about him. Haha I have been so optimistic to the other members but I hardly noticed shige in the video so I can’t say much… sorry

This single is released at the same time as Koda Kumi with Last Angel, I guess I can forget my boys being at the top.  


Last Angel PV


Edit: I had some pics afterall… well three and a gif^^ 

OK, OK I know it was like a million days since it came ot but I still want to talk about. I really need to update sooner XD 

 The really bad thing right now is that Axex has removed all the music videos from youtube so there you go.. Is the sudden need from Avex to do that a sign that they are getting more popular?? I don’t know but annoying is it anyway.

Well I can still talk about it I guess..

I love the song and I love the PV. Koda Kumi looks really tiny between the boys when they are dancing^^ kind of funny^^ I really like that Koda Kumi is one of us, a fan of TVXQ. She has said so several times and I can’t understand why some people dislike this collabiration. It’s clearly a great thing for TVXQ’s future^^

The boys look great by the way in the PV. Changmin gets a lot of cameratime and that makes me happy happy *^^* It really is great that Koda is Lettting the boys be shown so much. You almost forget that it is her song.

Sorry about the lack of pics but you should really try to check the PV out. I know you can find it on  


“Mirror” on FM Starry Night

(credits to:

Yesung, Heechul, Donghae, Ryeowook, KyuHyun singin live on radio 18/10. It’s really beautiful!! You can clearly hear Yesung’s powerful vocal!! Me happy!^^ It’s basicly KRY singing the whole song.. Donghae and Heechul pretty much only rap… 

Anyway, check it out!!  


TVXQ – Global Mind, Global Reach (18/10)


Wow, these boys really are everywhere. Today they were back in Korea at an event at Changmin’s and Yoochun’s (I think) university, the Kyunghee University. The event was called Global mind, Global Reach. That’s all I know.

The boys looked great as always. Specially Junsu I must say and Changmin of course, haha  

Junsu really likes his vests!! He has been wearing one in every single event lately^^ Well I can’t complain about it, he looks great so^^ Haha love the red undies.

Changmin.. he never fails!! Ok, he can sometimes have some funny exprecions but he still is handsome! Ha has matured so much lately!

I don’t understand how Yoochuns sweater is working^^ I’m intrigued.

 Yunho really looks casual, but in a good way… he looks really relaxed. Does the boy ever sweat!

Jaejoong, my love. I think this boy never ever have looked bad in his life. Even with his triangle hair he looked good. How is that really possible I wonder. I really wish I had his genes lol 

I like the casual style they have here. Probably because it’s their school, would be weird if they were to dressed up^^ 

min4jae4chun2 Yoochun does a Jaejoong lol


(credit: among others)